Carnival PQ Idea


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Here's a suggestion I thought would be cool and would add to the advertisement of Kaotic (would make a lot of people want to make new characters)

I think I put this one in discord as well.

Add the Party Quest back: Carnival PQ. But instead of having the PQ limited to players who can level up to 50, extend the level up amount to like 1000 or 2500, whatever would be reasonable.

Why: We kind of "kind of" like grinding for the sake of competition, but it gets a bit old every once in a while. Dojo is a slight replacement. But Carnival PQ was always nice in that it gave us some fun competition that also helped with goals. The sort of side addition to that was we got some "replacement" items that kept us at bay for damage for a little while at least, but the main fun was leveling up and having an opportunity to play interactively with other maplers. I feel like if this was advertised, a lot of previous maplers looking for nostalgia would jump all over this!